In-Service Tuition Program

As you may already know, SEPTA is a PTA within the SWR school district that brings together a variety of people interested and involved in children with special needs.  Many of you are already members of SEPTA, and we appreciate your involvement.  We invite and encourage the rest of you to become a part of our organization, as our students with special needs impact ALL staff, if even for one period/special a day, or a brief passing in the hallway.

With that in mind, SEPTA will continue to make our in-service tuition program available for the 2022-2023 school year.  You must be a current SEPTA member to qualify. We have developed an In-Service Tuition Program to help support those teacher assistants and teacher aides that are interested in continued professional development, for the purpose of gaining a better understanding of our special needs children.   It is our way of reaching out to all staff members that impact our children.

If you are interested in taking part of this opportunity, please fill out the below application form and mail to SEPTA c/o Tara Gosman, 6 Brockton Ct. Shoreham, NY 11786 (or you can fill out the application, scan and email to  For approved in-service courses, SEPTA will pay the entire tuition for teacher assistants and teacher aides (limited to one course per person, per year).