Special Education is a free appropriate education in the least restrictive environment for children who require differentiated programs and/or services beyond those normally provided by the regular school program (including gifted programs). SWR SEPTA is a separate PTA within the school district that brings together a variety of people interested in children with special educational needs. Our membership includes parents, relatives, and friends of these children. HOWEVER, special education affects ALL children and we encourage participation from all parents of our community to promote the welfare of children in home, school and the community, to bring into closer relation the home and the school, and that parents, teachers and administrators may cooperate intelligently in the education of children.

Mission Statement:

1. To provide information to parents of special education students, so that parents may be aware of their rights and options with regard to their child’s education.

2. To maintain lines of communication with the providers of special education, including classroom teachers, therapists, individual school administrators, and all district level administrators. This is to ensure that the educational needs of students can be achieved in a cooperative and non-confrontational manner.

3. To educate the general public to the needs and abilities of special students, so that the students will be accepted by their peers and others, and so that the appropriate interaction among all can be achieved.

4. To recognize achievements attained by students with special needs, or to recognize a person who has made a special attempt to assist a student with special needs.

We typically meet once a month during the school year to hear expert speakers and to discuss issues amongst ourselves. The meetings start at 7:00pm, with either pending or new business or an expert speaker for the first 45 minutes. Following that, school administrators leave the meeting and we have time for our discussions. This open sharing of information and experiences by SEPTA members is simply invaluable.  SEPTA dues are $20 per year.

Anyone interested in the welfare of children in the District can join us. We impact regular education, as regular education impacts us and we should all be working together. We make many resources available as well as provide support for parents. For additional information, please call one of us, or join us in our regular meetings.

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